Why the front porch is the inspiration behind our grilled lemonade brand?

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In designing a name for our grilled lemonade brand, Porchies Grilled Lemonade, we thought up all the associations we felt with lemonade. A recurring thought over and over was the image of drinking lemonade on the front porch on a hot summer day. Although neither of us had done this activity it was in our memories as if we had. It was nostalgia for a memory that we hadn’t experienced before, possibly in our minds because of advertising, stories, or perhaps intuition.

There was something to this association with lemonade and the front porch that we had to explore. We dug deep into the meaning and purpose of the front porch. It’s a unique part of the home because it is neither completely inside nor completely outside. It’s a location that is not completely private nor completely public. It’s a location that is inviting yet safe. Most importantly, it’s a location that’s not pretentious. Historically front porches have been included in working class homes and notably absent from large estates and mansions where a back patio or garden is common.

These ideas made the front porch a suitable inspiration for our brand Porchies Grilled Lemonade.

The front porch is also the location we grilled our first batch of lemons. Although that first batch didn’t taste good (a story for another time), it gave us motivation to keep moving forward with our brand.

Porchies Grilled Lemonade is the leading grilled lemonade company in the United States. They produce lemonade using grilled lemons, a process that allows Porchies to contain 27% less sugar than leading brands. Porchies Grilled Lemonade is commonly called by fans as “the best lemonade I’ve ever had”. Try it today!

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