Meet our Spring Flavors

It’s springtime. Meet our new flavors: Mandarin Ginger and Lavender Honey

Changing of seasons symbolize new opportunities for growth. Springtime is a particularly special season because it marks the tilting of the northern hemisphere towards the sun, longer days, and warmer days. Our Spring 2022 collection is light, delicate, and nuanced; qualities apparent in the beverages’ taste and visual hues. Our Mandarin Ginger Grilled Lemonade is fruity, citric, and zingy. Sweetness, bite and zing meet to create a memorable beverage experience you won’t experience anywhere else.

Our Lavender Honey Grilled Lemonade is botanical, delicate, and smooth. Sweetness, herbal notes, and a but of spice create a beverage that’s refreshingly new yet nostalgic. Both flavors are currently for sale in our online store.

Mandarin Ginger

Fruity, citric, and zingy

Lavender Honey

Botanical, delicate, and smooth

Spring is the time of plans and projects

Leo Tolstoy

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