MADE DIFFERENT is a lifestyle publication by Porchies Grilled Lemonade.

Origin Story

Our original slogan and guiding statement for Porchies Grilled Lemonade is drinks made different. This statement has helped us navigate every decision as a company. It initially began as describing the process by which we created our beverages. As the first company to sell grilled beverages in the United States, we are alone in our category. It described very simply our point of differentiation in the marketplace.

As time progressed, we found drinks made different went on to not only describe our method of making drinks but our business philosophy – to stand out in the crowd and create unique experiences. MADE DIFFERENT is about expressing individuality and creativity. We hope to share groundbreaking recipes, tips, lessons, news, and much more through this platform. We hope you enjoy the ride.

 - Ben & Gavin, Founders.

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